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You can transform your smile by covering up chips and cracks or creating the illusion that you have perfectly straight white, uniform teeth. If you’re interested in veneers, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ghina Morad.

What Are veneers?

Veneers are porcelain shells that are bonded to the front side of your teeth, particularly the teeth that show when you smile. This is a cosmetic treatment that covers up aesthetic imperfections like discoloration, large gaps, crooked teeth, teeth that are too small, uneven, or oddly shaped. Contact us today to receive veneers from your Redwood City dentist or stop by our office at 2920 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94061.

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Porcelain vs Composite Resin

Dr. Morad offers two different types of veneers, made of either porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain veneers are the most popular option. Though they are more costly, they offer superior aesthetics and look very natural.
They also have a lifespan of 10-15 years, making them much more durable than composite resin. However, they cannot be repaired if they become damaged and will need to be replaced altogether.

Composite resin veneers are reversible because they do not require any tooth prep if you opt for direct composite veneers. You can have them removed if you decide you no longer want them and they can also be repaired more easily instead of requiring replacement. However, they are significantly less durable with a lifespan of 4-8 years.

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The veneer placement Process

The process begins with a consultation with Dr. Ghina Morad. She will need to examine your teeth and take x-rays if necessary to determine if you are a good candidate for veneers. You must be in good oral health with no active gum disease or tooth decay.

Once approved, she will formulate a treatment plan based on your needs. To prepare the teeth for porcelain veneers, we need to remove .5 mm of your tooth enamel so the veneers don’t stick out. 

We’ll then take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental lab that will create your veneers. While you wait for your veneers to arrive (which can take a few weeks) we will place immediate temporary veneers over your teeth. 

Once we’ve received your official veneers, we’ll remove the temporary ones and apply an etching gel to your teeth to encourage the bonding process. We’ll check the fit of your veneers before bonding them to your teeth with dental cement and UV light.

How to Care for Veneers

Avoid staining foods and drinks and do not smoke. While porcelain is a stain-resistant material, surface stains can build up over time, just like your real teeth. Try sipping through a straw so beverages have less contact with your teeth.

Do not grind your teeth or use them as tools to open packages. Never chew on your fingernails or other objects. You should also avoid chewing hard or sticky foods with your veneers. Concentrate chewing in your rear molars, not your front teeth.

Are Veneers Reversible?

Traditional porcelain veneers are not reversible, because they require permanently altering your tooth enamel. Should you choose these veneers, you will always have to keep your teeth covered. .5 mm of your enamel is shaven down and this puts your teeth at increased risk of damage, cavities, and infections if not covered.
They will also look very strange without your veneers. However, you can choose reversible composite resin veneers or Lumineers which are not permanent.

Are Veneers Permanent?

The truth is that veneers are not permanent. Over time, veneers can become worn or damaged due to normal wear and tear, teeth grinding, discoloration, or biting into hard objects.

How long should you expect your veneers to last? The longevity of veneers depends on various factors such as the quality of materials used in the fabrication process, the expertise of your dentist, and your oral hygiene habits. Porcelain veneers typically last between 10-15 years, while composite veneers may last for 5-7 years.

To extend the lifespan of your veneers, it's essential to maintain good oral hygiene practices and avoid biting into hard objects that could damage them. In case of damage or wear down of veneers, replacement may be necessary.

Can You Whiten Veneers?

Veneers cannot be whitened with teeth whitening products. But don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to maintain their stunning appearance. Here are some pro tips to help you keep your veneers looking their best:

Keep them clean: Regular brushing and flossing are crucial to prevent plaque buildup that can stain your veneers and make them look dull. Make sure to brush twice a day and floss at least once daily. Also be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and gentle toothpastes to avoid damaging the surface of your veneers.

Healthy habits: Smoking can cause discoloration and stains on your veneers, so quitting smoking will help keep them bright and white. Additionally, acidic and staining foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar, coffee, tea, and red wine can damage the surface of the veneers. If you can't resist these foods, be sure to brush your teeth after consuming them.

Is the Placement Process Painful?

Not at all! The veneer placement process is designed to be pain-free. Your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area, ensuring you won't feel any discomfort during the procedure. If you happen to experience any pain, inform your dentist right away so they can adjust the anesthetic or take other measures to make you more comfortable.

How Can You Tell You Need Veneers?

Almost anyone can be a great candidate for veneers, regardless of their age or gender. However, there are certain signs that could indicate it's time to get veneers. For example, For example, if you want a perfect white smile, veneers can help achieve that.

Another sign that you may need veneers is if you have a gap or gaps between your teeth. While some people embrace their gaps as a unique feature, others may feel self-conscious about them.If you don’t like your gap(s), veneers can help you achieve a more even and symmetrical smile.

With veneers, you can also cover up other imperfections on your teeth, such as chips or stains, and create a bright, uniform smile.

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