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Get the full range of benefits of laser dentistry which can assist in the treatment of teeth discoloration and decay. Lasers are used in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to achieve the best results. Dr. Ghina Morad uses lasers for greater precision. They reduce the need for drills, reduce bleeding in the gums, improve treatment success rates, and reduce the risk of infection.

what is laser dentistry? 

Laser dentistry employs the use of lasers in dental treatments to achieve a more comfortable and effective treatment in both cosmetic and restorative procedures. Laser dentistry is typically split into two subcategories: standard hard tissue which consists of teeth treatments and soft tissue, which consists of treatments related to the gums. Schedule a consultation at the office of Dr. Ghina Morad today or stop by our office located at 2920 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94061.

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Our Laser Dentistry Options at Gina Morad, DMD in Redwood City

We offer two specialized dental lasers: standard hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. Laser dentistry is typically split into two subcategories: hard tissue, which consists of teeth treatments, and soft tissue, which consists of treatments related to the gums. The hard tissue lasers can cut through the tooth bone and are most commonly used to shape the teeth for dental fillings or composite bonding.

Soft tissue lasers are often used to treat periodontitis. They seal nerve endings and blood vessels but are also able to deeply penetrate the tissue which absolves the patient of any pain and promotes faster healing.

Picasso Lite Laser
DIAGNOdent Laser

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what is a picasso lite Laser? 

This is our soft tissue laser used for painless gum therapy. It is minimally invasive and effective in treating gum disease, crown lengthening, and periodontitis. Soft tissue lasers can reshape gum tissue and lengthen crowns for teeth restoration as well as killing bacteria and regrowth.

what is a dIAGNOdent laser? 

This is the hard tissue laser that can detect early-stage cavities painlessly without removing large chunks of tooth enamel later on. The laser kills bacteria within cavities which contributes to long-term tooth health. This eliminates the need for anesthesia and dental drills.

how do laser treatments works? 

Soft tissue lasers consist of a laser beam that is absorbed by water and hemoglobin to remove soft tissue while cauterizing the cut to reduce inflammation and bleeding. The wavelengths of hard tissue lasers are absorbed by water and a mineral in the teeth. The laser measures internal fluorescence which can indicate tooth decay. Hard tissue lasers can cut through the teeth to reshape them.

what are the benefits of laser dentistry

There are many benefits of using dental lasers, including the following: treating ulcers, tooth sensitivity, whitening teeth, treating tooth decay, reducing the risk of infection, minimizing bleeding and swelling, and reducing the length of treatments as well as recovery time. 

They can also assist in treating cavities, root canals, reshaping the gums and teeth, regenerating nerves, and even helping alleviate sleep apnea.

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