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TMJ Pain And Dental Relief

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We take a holistic approach to dentistry, one that looks at the interconnectedness of all of your body’s systems.

The state of affairs in your mouth can often point to (or in some cases, be the cause of) bigger problems elsewhere.

This is certainly true when it comes to folks having problems with TMJ related pain. Millions of American are afflicted by this condition that can disrupt every aspect of daily existence. And in too many cases it goes untreated or improperly diagnosed.

Here’s how it works:

Usually when things are out of whack with your TMJ, you will be plagued by chronic, unrelenting pain in the jaw, face, and neck. Migraine headaches are usually part of the deal too.

To make matters worse, irregularities with TMJ can make it quite difficult to perform the basic necessities of everyday life. That’s because TMJ are the joints on the sides of your head that allow you to move your jaw up and side to side.

Every time you eat or speak, you are relying on the proper functioning of these joints.

What’s The Difference Between TMJ & TMD?

TMJ are the joints themselves (that are affected by all of this).

TMD refers to the actual condition we treat, which in reality is a group of conditions known as Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders.

It’s easy to get confused.

But your San Carlos dentist is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to treatment options for TMD.

Dental Solutions For TMD

We’ve seen so many variations on this condition that nothing surprises us anymore.

In fact, the first thing we will tell you is to schedule a consultation because every treatment plan is unique and dependent on your individual situation.

Still, treatment may include:


The solution to your TMD nightmare could be as simple as providing you with a dental splint. Such a device can prevent jaw movement while you sleep and sufficiently relax your muscles so that they will function properly.

It may even alleviate the migraines.


Botox injections can actually have an important non-cosmetic role in relieving pain for TMD sufferers. This is because Botox has a partial and temporary paralytic effect when injected into your muscles.

This type of paralysis effectively prevents your jaw muscles from clenching and putting stress on your TMJ.

In certain cases, Botox can provide TMJ relief within a couple of days, and it will have its full effect around one week after the injections.

Get Relief Now!

If you suspect that you have TMD, don’t spend another day in unnecessary pain! We want to help restore your life.

Contact us today to schedule your TMD/TMJ consultation at the San Carlos, CA dental office of Dr. Ghina Morad.