At the office of Ghina Morad, DDS, we care for each of our patients like family. We take pride in seeing the happiness we can create with the preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry we do. We could go on about how wonderful our patients are and the great results we create, but why not hear it right from them? If you’re ready for a dental experience that will change your life, call our office today at 650-592-6396, or make an appointment using our online form. Our dentist in San Carlos, California, looks forward to being the source of your beautiful smile!

Dr. Morad was referred to me by another DDS whom I initially went to see, and I will forever be grateful for the referral. From the reception master (Kristel) to the dental assistant through Dr. Morad- all amazing women in a wonderfully calm, nurturing environment which puts a nervous patient (like me!) at ease. High-tech equipment; Very clean office; Movie while being treated- I couldn’t have asked for a better more relaxed experience. Did I mention the front desk “queen” is super sweet & worked with me on insurance and future payment plan for an upcoming and costly procedure? Yup!

They’re really great there- so if you’re in the area and looking for a new dentist, please, take my advice and visit Dr. Morad’s office. You’ll be as happy to see the sweet, smiling faces waiting to greet you as I am!

-Caroline P.

This dentist is one of the greatest I’ve ever had. Dr Morad is most gentle with the application of anesthetics in a very unique way, combined with how caring she is for your comfort in any situation, she really makes for an amazing dentist. Not to mention their office is super nice and friendly and always willing to work around your schedule. Five stars across the board!!!

-Jack L.

By far the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentists office. Very nice cute office with pretty views of Redwood tree while you get your teeth worked on. Everyone was extremely friendly and personable. Above all they were very thorough. Everyone really took their time, you didn’t feel rushed in and out at all. I really loved this place and will definitely be back.

-Lili L.

We are so so happy to have found her! Dr. Morad is not only knowledgable, but also kind and really concerned about her patients. My husband and I are just thrilled knowing we found a great professional! In addition, the staff is excellent. Very professional and friendly

-Nerak D.

Family atmosphere yet at the same time very professional. Painless and expedient yet respectful and thorough. I wouldn’t waste my tme looking for someone better, there probably isn’t anyone!

-John L.

10 years ago I visited Dr. Morad with tooth pain. It had been embarrassingly long since I’d been to a dentist and I needed a fair bit of work. She fixed all my issues, and looking back I’m very happy with the results. Since then I’ve had no further cavities or teeth problems, and she helped me monitor a missing tooth to assess if we needed to do implants (she ultimately recommended against). For the last many years my visits have only been to have my teeth cleaned.

For a while now my Dental Hygienist has been Debbie, and I’m really happy with her work. She is knowledgeable and highly skilled with her tools, being both gentle and thorough at the same time. She has a way with her customers that makes me want to do my own upkeep while not making me feel guilty for lapses. She’s just really good at her job!

Thank you Dr. Morad and Debbie for making going to the dentist something I no longer fret, but somewhat enjoy!

-JJ F.

Dr. Morad is by far the best dentist I have ever been to – her staff goes above and beyond to make my visits special, and everyone who works there is incredibly kind and makes me feel so comfortable. I know that some people may be nervous about going to the dentist, but fear not with Dr. Morad, she is kind, gentle, and a fantastic dentist. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a fantastic dentist!

-Lauren M.

I’ve have had awful experiences with dentists all my life. From the fear, the pain and the lectures I’ve received, it’s not a place I like to visit. Although a trip to Dr. Morad’s office wouldn’t be as high up on my list as, let’s say, happy hour (!), I do not for a second fear going and have never felt pain from my appointments. Dr. Morad has filled cavities, replaced fillings and corrected botched root canals for me. She is kind, gentle and sympathetic. Her staff is also amazing and friendly. 6th star rating for nitrous oxide, sedation pills and the ability to watch a movie during lengthy procedures!

-Caitlin M.

We moved to San Carlos a year ago – time to find a new dentist.

Went in for a visit this morning. Turned out to be a fantastic experience. Here are some of the reasons:
1) Easy to get to, easy to find parking.
2) All of the staff I encountered are friendly.
3) After taking a complete set of x-rays, Dr. Morad came in and spent quite a bit of time going over my dental health, brushing habits, and reviewing the x-rays. She is nice, friendly and educational – I learned a ton.
4) She has all the latest technologies that makes the discussion valuable and on-point by using high-res digital photos inside my mouth.
5) She pointed out areas that I need to ‘keep an eye’ on and let me know what warning signs would be.
6) She didn’t just tell me to brush and floss. She used various models to show me effects.
7) I didn’t feel like Dr. Morad did a drive-by while her staff did all the work. Quality time with my dentist.

Feeling very happy to have found Dr. Morad as my new dentist. Highly recommend.

-Juan W.

We recently moved and were searching for a new dentist in the area. Dr. Morad had good reviews on Yelp and decided to schedule an appointment. My first interaction with her office was with Kristel and she was very friendly, accommodating, and efficient in communicating with me and scheduling our appointments. On our first visit we were greeted warmly and got to meet the staff. Dr. Morad was not only sweet and genuinely nice, but she was also very professional and explained everything in detail. The facilities are small but the equipment and technology they use are great. They billed my insurance and sent me a statement detailing what was and wasn’t covered. Overall, it was a great experience. I’ve returned a few times already and my teeth are really happy.

-Adriana R.

I saw Dr. Morad today for the first time, and am so thankful that she was recommended to me by a friend. When I walked into the office, I was greeted by the very friendly and capable Kristel who took my paperwork and checked me in. She had already walked me through the new patient paperwork and helped me to request my old dental records. I felt like I was in good hands. During my very short wait to see Dr. Morad, I was struck by the coziness and comfort of the office which was well decorated and had water, coffee, and snacks for waiting patients. (my last dentist’s office was quite sterile by comparision which is one of the reasons I was looking for a new dentist) I am anxious by nature but was quickly put at ease by the comfortable office, Kristel, and Dr Morad who is extremely warm and reassuring. And more importantly, she is extremely competent and professional, taking charge of my severe jaw pain and making me a new nti mouthguard, and explaining areas of potential concern and creating a game plan. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful new dentist.

-Katie L.

David Letterman’s
Top 10 Reasons to See Dr. Ghina Morad

1. SHE eliminates the fear of going to the dentist.
2. SHE is highly skilled – a true dental artist.
3. SHE is always optimistic, cheerful, upbeat (along with a number of other scout laws), and pleasant to be around.
4. SHE is truly concerned about your teeth and the outcome of her work.
5. SHE never seems rushed or anxious to move on to the next patient.
6. SHE will answer all your questions and explain in detail, if necessary, any dental work that she is performing.
7. SHE keeps up with the latest in Dental Technological Advances, procedures, and techniques – quite willing to spend the necessary money to bring in the improved current equipment.
8. SHE has a good sense of humor – easy to joke with, even in the midst of a xylocane injection.
9. SHE has a top-notch staff – they are competent, organized, friendly, and accommodating
10. SHE knows you, remembers you, and cares about you – it’s more than a birthday card, holiday card, and a bill in the mail.

Finally, a few words about her orthodontics:
Twenty-two months ago, at the age of 68, I (we) decided my teeth needed some straightening. I had the “Grand Tetons” look, with an abundance of perfect landing spots for all sorts of food particles. In April of 2013, Dr. Morad installed my porcelain braces. To be honest, having braces at my age, and perhaps any age, requires dedication, determination, and tough mindedness. It’s not an easy process. There are times when you feel some discomfort and frustration (pressure, wire poke, irritation, etc). But, throughout this process, Dr. Morad knew what she was doing. By adding, adjusting, tightening, and replacing pieces, her plan was working. In the end, of course, I was happy to have my braces removed but, I was also quite pleased with the results (see photo). The quality of her work is superb. She knows orthodontics and I would enthusiastically recommend her for any of your dental needs.

-Owen L.

Dr. Morad came to my rescue, I was flossing and my crown and came out Friday night, I called her on her cell that evening and she came in the next day Sat and fixed it. That’s dedication to a client.

-John F.

Dr. Morad is as good as it gets!

Her commitment to ongoing advanced procedure education provides a higher level of expertise not often found, combined with the state of the art equipment also provides patients with all levels of dental care needs expert options at reasonable pricing.

Dr. Morad’s and the staff’s warm personalities make you feel they have been your neighborhood dental office for years. She educates without guilt, motivating her patients to accomplish their dental goals. She manages complex dental issues with painless ease. I have been a patient for several years and have previously seen many dentists, none I have ever looked forward to seeing other than Dr. Morad!!’

I highly recommend her. You will not regret choosing Dr. Morad as your dentist!

-Dana S.