We’ve been giving the Bay Area something to smile about since 2003. In our more than 10 years of business, Dr. Ghina Morad and our team have given countless patients the smiles of their dreams, and we’ve collected some of our amazing results right here. If this is what our dentist in San Carlos, California, did for them, imagine what she can do for you! If you’re ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted, call us today at 650-592-6396, or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Wylie K. (Digital Smile Design)

Wylie had old crowns that were staining and starting to leak. She felt that her front teeth were too long and that her upper teeth were too narrow when she smiled. The”Digital Smile Design” technique was used to calculate the optimum length and width of every tooth and used as a blue print to fabricate crowns & veneers that gave Wylie a beautiful fuller more harmonious smile.


Dalia N. (Porcelain Veneers / Crowns)

Dalia wasn’t happy with the alignment of her teeth or the areas of discoloration. We used our Digital Smile Design to show her what was possible for her smile. Once we knew she would be happy, we created and placed the Empress veneers you see in the after photo. Now, Dahlia can’t stop smiling!


Kyle H. (Digital Smile Design)

Kyle’s smile had a long history of dental work, but we were able to use our Digital Smile Design to plan the look of his new smile. We then completed that smile design through the use of porcelain veneers and crowns!


Julian R. (Gummy Smile – Bone Anchorage)

Julian wasn’t willing to smile when we first met. We were able to use the latest in orthodontic treatment (bone anchorage) to adjust the teeth which transformed the entire smile! You can see the transformation in confidence as well! This procedure saved Julian from a costly and painful jaw surgery at the hospital.


Celina M. (Orthodontic Treatment)

Celina’s smile is a great example of the way the alignment of your teeth can affect your entire smile! With perfectly planned Facial Harmony orthodontics, we were able to transform her look!


Colleen F. (Complicated Combo Ortho Plus Veneers-Implants)

After years of living with a misaligned smile, Colleen got the treatment she needed! Once her teeth were feeling more comfortable, we placed a set of veneers (and one implant) to transform her smile into something stunning!


Jenie S. (Complicated Combo Ortho Plus Veneers-Implants)

Jenie was a student with a budget when she came to us for help for her missing tooth and failing bridge. We were able to use a combination of orthodontic adjustment and crowns to transform her smile into something she is truly proud of without breaking the bank!


Anna C. (Porcelain Veneers / Crowns)

Anna was ready to transform the look of her teeth to give herself a more beautiful smile. We were able to help her accomplish that with a set of beautiful veneers! Take a look at the difference!


Lucy L. (Facial Orthodontics and Bone Anchorage)

After two rounds of orthodontic work, the orthodontist couldn’t close the gap caused by the loss of her molar early in life nor the severe overbite. Lucy was ready to give up when she came to see us.

Placing the tiny pins and using bone anchorage technique, we were able to move ALL the lower teeth forward closing the gap AND correcting the overbite, giving Lucy a gorgeous smile to be proud of!


Lori S. (Digital Smile Design)

Lori wanted to improve her smile, but she didn’t want to invest in a bunch of work without first knowing it would work! We were able to show her the results before treatment began using Digital Smile Design!


Gary G. (Zoom Whitening)

Gary’s smile wasn’t as bright as he wanted it to be, so we used Zoom! whitening to make this vast improvement!


Juliette N. (Composite Veneers)

Juliette was ready for a new smile, but she didn’t want to do harm to her healthy teeth! We used composite bonding material to create her new and improved smile in just one visit with absolutely no damage to her teeth!


Jennifer M. (Composite Veneers)

Composite material can correct many smile flaws. Look at the way Jennifer’s smile was improved with this comfortable and cost-effective procedure!


Lana G. (Digital Smile Design)

Lana wanted a confident, beautiful smile. We were able to plan that smile with her using Digital Smile Design. Now, Lana can’t stop smiling!


Shar S. (Complicated Combo Ortho Plus Veneers-Implants)

Shar was very unhappy with her smile, but this transformation required many moving parts! We began with orthodontic work to correct misalignment and make room for a dental implant. Once the implant was in place, we were able to use a veneer to complete the transformation. Now, Shar is happy to see her smile in the mirror!


Richard R. (Composite Veneers)

Richard was dealing with decayed and worn teeth, but we were able to stop the damage and use composite material to improve the shape and look of his teeth without removing any of his healthy enamel!


Elizabeth P. (Gummy Smile – Bone Anchorage)

Elizabeth can’t stop smiling now that her braces have come off! With the use of bone anchorage, we were able to transform her look completely by placing little pins for bone anchorage technology and lifting the upper jaw, therefore eliminating the show of the distracting gum.


Carlos A. (Implants)

Carlos had a bridge that didn’t look very natural! With the use of a dental implant (and a few crowns), we were able to give him a new smile that looks just like the real deal!


Allison C. (Orthodontic Treatment)

Allison didn’t want to live with gaps in her smile any longer! She came to us for our high quality orthodontic work. We were able to close the gaps and align her teeth. You can see how much more confident she feels when she smiles now!


Lori S. (Complicated Combo Ortho Plus Veneers-Implants)

Lori came to us seeking the perfect transformation for her smile! We used our Digital Smile Design to determine the shape of her final smile, but before we could place those veneers, we had to remove the defective crown that she had and place an implant instead. We also had to complete a touch of orthodontic work to place her teeth in the ideal position that we needed to complete the veneers and give the beautiful smile she always wanted.