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Eliminate Tooth Pain with Gentle Root Canal Therapy

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Is a Toothache Causing You Discomfort?

A chronic toothache is not normal, and could be a sign of a more serious issue affecting your oral health. If you have been suffering from tooth pain that will not go away, you may need a root canal. Contrary to popular belief, root canal procedures are virtually pain-free thanks to modern dental technology, and their main goal is to eliminate tooth pain at the source! Combining gentle care and sedation dentistry, Dr. Ghina Morad can restore the function of your tooth with little pain or anxiety for you.

Signs you May Need a Root Canal

Root Canals San Carlos, CA

Jabbing tooth pain when biting or chewing
Sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages
Tender or swollen gums
Recurring headaches
A chronic toothache

Should a Toothache Concern Me?

A root canal is performed because the pulp—the soft tissue inside of your tooth—is inflamed or infected. A toothache that is not treated with a root canal runs the risk of this infection spreading to the surrounding teeth and gums. Mouth and jaw complications can arise, and tooth loss may occur. A root canal is a quick and nearly painless way we can effectively treat the infection and save your tooth.

Root Canals Remove Infection and Restore Function

Root Canals San Carlos, CA
Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The purpose of a root canal procedure is to remove the infection from the inside of the tooth. During the procedure, Dr. Morad will numb the area and remove a small portion of your tooth to create access to the infected area. The infected pulp is removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned before the tooth is filled using a latex-like material called gutta-percha. The surface of the tooth is then completely sealed using a composite filling to prevent further bacteria from entering the tooth. With an infection-free tooth, you can once again enjoy eating, drinking, and living without pain!

Root Canals San Carlos, CA

Gentle, Caring Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Morad performs root canals on a routine basis and are dedicated to helping you feel calm and safe during the procedure. She offers sedation dentistry for patients who request to feel more relaxed during treatment. She also offers BioDentine, a tooth nerve and pulp medication to reduce the need for root canal therapy. No matter which option is right for you, Dr. Morad will ensure that your oral health is on track.

If a toothache is causing you chronic pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Morad to learn how she can help alleviate your pain.

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