Are you or someone in your family unhappy with their teeth? Do you have a crooked smile that you’ve always wanted to straighten? Dr. Ghina Morad, DMD, has orthodontic solutions for you and your whole family!


Individual Patient Orthodontics

Our Individual Patient Orthodontic Appliances use cutting edge technology to help us design customized braces for each particular tooth. Depending on the amount of movement required, we’ll select from 8 different types of wires to achieve the treatment goal of your unique mouth and teeth. We don’t generalize our patients’ treatment!

With the aid of advanced computer modeling software, we are able to evaluate the original position of your teeth, bone structure, and your facial profile to develop your treatment plan and customize your braces.

Your Individualized Patient Appliances will feature:

  • Braces designed specifically for your teeth
  • Custom welded bands
  • Archwires specific to your facial characteristics, guiding your teeth according to the shape of your jaw bone shape.
  • Long acting Nickel-Titanium springs and wires to provide gentle force and eliminate the need for uncomfortable “wire bending”
  • Computer aided diagnosis that allows us to accurately predict and simulate the final treatment result.


Short Term Orthodontics

If you want a perfect smile but don’t want to spend years wearing braces, short term orthodontics are for you! Using advanced brackets and wires available at our San Carlos dentist office, we can get you the smile you’ve always wanted in as few as six months!

The secret to short term orthodontics is the one-step treatment process. Traditional braces move the crown of the tooth first, and then apply a different kind of force to realign the roots. Short term braces eliminate those two steps and move the entire tooth at the same time! The result is a perfect smile in less time, and all with no additional pain or discomfort.

Short term braces aren’t for everyone, and we will need to properly evaluate your teeth to determine if you are an ideal candidate.

If you are interested in the custom orthodontic treatments that we can offer, call our office today at (650)592-6396 or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to getting you the smile of your dreams!


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