Dentistry can be scary—we understand. If you’ve been delaying dental care due to fear or anxiety, then you should know that Dr. Ghina Morad offers sedation dentistry in San Carlos, California, to help relax you and make your procedure fly by. Coupled with our other patient comfort options, you’ll be happy in our dental chair!

Nitrous Oxide

By far the most popular form of dental sedation, nitrous oxide is easy to administer, relaxes you quickly, and wears off almost as soon as your procedure is over. Delivered using a mask that fits over your nose, nitrous oxide will calm your nerves and make simple procedures easy.

Oral Sedation

For patients with advanced levels of fear or for longer, more involved procedures, we recommend oral conscious sedation. We will write you a prescription for a pill that you will take prior to your appointment. After about an hour, you’ll be relaxed to the point of almost being asleep, but we’ll still be able to interact with you if needed. Another advantage to oral sedation is that it has a higher level of amnesia associated with use, so you might not even remember your procedure!

If you wish to use oral sedation, we require that you have someone present to drive you home since it often takes several hours for the pill to wear off.

To discuss your dental sedation options or dental fears, please call our dentist and team today at 650-592-6396, or make an appointment using our online form. We’re here to help!