If you suffer from migraines or persistent headaches, you know how hard each day can be. From distracting pain to complete debilitation, it’s hard to live your life to the fullest when worrying about the next headache. If you want a solution to your headache pain, Dr. Ghina Morad can help evaluate for a common but often overlooked cause—your teeth.

Referred Pain

Sometimes a toothache due to infection or trauma can be referred to other parts of your body. Think about the times you’ve been stressed and carried it in your shoulders—it’s just like that! It doesn’t take much for a damaged tooth to give you a headache.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth, or bruxism, is a common cause of headaches and migraines. Often occurring during sleep, grinding your teeth can cause headaches that are worse in the morning and midday. You may not even realize that you’re grinding your teeth, so ask your partner if they ever hear it at night!

Muscle Fatigue

If your jaw frequently gets tired when you eat, it’s a good possibility that you could have a teeth alignment problem. This can be corrected through several simple orthodontic procedures depending on the severity, so don’t delay treatment. A simple fix can remove a lot of pain!


The joint that controls your jaw is an important one, and a disorder known as TMD can make its use difficult and painful. TMD has many causes from overuse to arthritis to autoimmune disorders, but it all means one thing for you: migraines.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Jaw pain that is worse in the morning or afternoon
  • A popping or clicking sound when chewing
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Dental pain that has no other explanation
  • A sore jaw or jaw muscles
  • Headaches and neck pain

If so, you may be suffering from TMD. Just like the other causes of migraines and headaches covered here, Dr. Ghina Morad has solutions for you! You don’t need to suffer in pain any longer—make an appointment today!

If you want to get back to living your life headache-free, call our dentist today at 650-592-6396. You can also make an appointment using our online form. Don’t wait – relief is available with our treatment for headaches and migraines in San Carlos, California.