Do you have a small pit in your tooth or have ridges that give you teeth a wavy appearance? Is one of your teeth slightly longer than another, giving your smile an uneven look? There’s a simple solution available at the office of Ghina Morad, DDS, that can get you perfectly contoured teeth in just one visit!


Tooth recontouring in San Carlos, California, is a simple procedure that can correct a number of minor deficiencies in the shape and texture of your teeth. Recontouring is a good choice for you if you:

  • Have minor pits in your teeth
  • Have a small chip in a tooth
  • Have uneven enamel
  • Want to reduce the size of your canines

At your initial visit, Dr. Ghina Morad will take X-rays of your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for recontouring. Because recontouring involves removing a small amount of enamel, the roots of your teeth can’t be too large. If you don’t have enough enamel or your roots are too close to the surface, veneers are a better choice for treatment.

The Procedure

Tooth recontouring involves using a small sanding disc to remove a thin layer of enamel. It is painless and quick, and once we polish your teeth after the procedure, you’ll be ready to flash your new smile! This simple procedure rarely even requires a follow up appointment!

If you think that tooth recontouring is for you, call our dentist today at 650-592-6396 , or make an appointment using our online form.