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shutterstock_203125057Oral Health Habits For The New Year

Hello again from the virtual home of Dr. Ghina Morad, your San Carlos, CA dentist of choice! In these final days of the calendar year, everyone is thinking about ways to live better and improve their lives in 2016. Around here, are resolution remains the same: to deliver the best possible smile all through your life. But as long as people are thinking about healthy habits, we thought we would revisit some of the essential practices for optimizing your the oral health of your family. Enjoy!

Teach Your Children Well

One thing that will help keep a healthy, happy smile on your family’s faces is if everyone brushes their teeth for two minutes or more and does so twice a day (or more). The ADA tells us that this is the gold standard for maximizing the effectiveness of brushing.

We suggest that you at least try to make brushing more fun by making it a family activity. If nothing else, this will underscore the importance of daily brushing for everyone.

Brushing Is Only The Beginning

The time spent each day in front of the bathroom sink will pay off in the long run. Your kids should know from an early age that brushing is unavoidable and important but regular flossing is what makes all the difference in fighting off plaque. Plaque that is left behind between teeth (after brushing) will ultimately cause your teeth to decay. If you don’t floss often as a child, getting cavities and losing teeth later in life is a real possibility.

The good news is that decay is not inevitable. Just make sure you and your family are flossing every time you brush (or at the very least, once a day).

Your kids will likely be more eager to participate if you start them out with a flavored floss and find a way to reward them for their early efforts.

It really isn’t so bad!

Schedule Your Family’s San Carlos, CA Dentist Visits For The Coming Year

Having a dentist you can trust as a partner in oral health is so very important.

Preventative dental exams are key to catching any emerging causes for concern in your mouth. We won’t know what’s going on with you or your children if you don’t let us have a look every once in awhile.

Professional dental cleanings are also essential to your family’s oral health routine because these treatment techniques fight tartar, plaque, and decay off in a way that brushing and flossing can not.

We strongly recommend that you plan to come in as a family for two cleanings per year.

We promise to make it as pleasant and enjoyable as possible!

We Will Screen For Cancer

Did you know that oral cancer is on the rise? It’s one of the serious health problems that’s been increasing the last couple of years. The scary thing about oral cancer is that it spreads very quickly to the blood stream and if it’s not caught really early in an early stage it can be fatal.

This is why, at our office, we screen for oral cancer every single time we do a cleaning. During each visit we screen by looking at the cheeks, tongue, and tonsils and feel for any lumps or bumps in the mouth.

We also have the Velscope technology where it uses a reflective technology. It’s a special light that we can look in the mouth and it’ll show us all the blood vessels underneath the surface.

So, if there’s any early sign of oral cancer, or sometimes any infection, it’ll show up as a dark spot and we can send it for biopsy and catch the oral cancer very early in stage and sometimes save a life.

Don’t Put Off Your Health

Take back your health in the new year! At the dental office of Dr. Ghina Morad, we offer a wide variety of patient amenities, and we’ll do our best to make your family comfortable while you are here.

Contact us right away to get started!