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What adult actually wants to wear metal braces? Maybe you thought they were cool when you were a kid, but to wear metal braces now would be completely embarrassing! They stick out like a sore thumb!

Yet, you might really need orthodontic work! So do you have to settle for uncomfortable and embarrassing braces? No way! We have fantastic options that allow you to get the alignment you need without any of the cons of traditional metal braces.

Orthodontics Change More Than the Look of Your Smile
You see, orthodontics are really important for adults. Of course there is the cosmetic advantage, but that’s not all orthodontics accomplish. Some people will get braces just to correct cosmetic damage, but others will genuinely need braces.

These patients are dealing with alignment issues that could be causing jaw pain, damage to surrounding teeth, and other problems. The only way to correct some of these issues is with orthodontic treatment.

Our Orthodontic Options
We won’t tell you to wear awkward-looking braces that will ruin your confidence level. Instead, we have solutions that will look great and function really well. We use clear plastic aligners!

Clear aligners fit over your teeth perfectly so that no one even notices they are there! On top of that, they will correct your alignment issues in about half the time of traditional metal braces! We plan the entire process through computer generated images and then create the aligners to complete the job.

Sound interesting? You won’t be disappointed! Whether you need braces or are just looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile, clear aligners could be the solution for you! Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment. We can’t wait to see your smile transformed!