Benefits of a Root Canal San Carlos, CA

Benefits of a Root Canal

root canal

It’s time to stop fearing the words everyone dreads: Root Canal.

Root canals in fact are extremely beneficial, and while you may not feel lucky you have to undergo one, they provide tremendous value to the oral cavity. Root canals are only necessary if you are facing a dying, or already dead tooth. If this is the case, your tooth otherwise would need to be extracted if you choose to not undergo a root canal procedure, which would leave you missing a tooth, or needing a dental implant.

Root canals are the only procedure that can save a dying tooth! When you are going through the root canal procedure, your dentist will use advanced technology to clean the decaying area. This technology is like a drill, that wipes away all of the dying or dead pulp from the tooth. These machines used cut down on the amount of time root canals take, as well as ensure every bit of the decay leaves the tooth.

This procedure is a life saver (no pun intended). If you choose to not have a root canal and instead go with extraction, you now face missing a tooth unless you have the site reconstructed. The reconstruction will take time, and money. Dental implants can be a lengthy process, while being an expensive process, because it involves another surgery.

Of course the decision is always yours, but if your dentist recommends a root canal as a procedure you should take on, you should! It is better to try and save the natural tooth that already exists in your mouth than undergo many different procedures to avoid it.

Although the root canal is a procedure that many fear, it is also a procedure that can save the life of your tooth.  If you have a dying tooth, you should consider this procedure.  Your dentist will walk you through more details of the procedure, if need be. Set up a consultation to make sure you fix your pained tooth as soon as possible.