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dental_anxiety_3Alleviating Dental Anxiety In San Carlos, CA

Welcome back to our San Carlos, California dentistry blog!

We hope that your new year is off to a great start! We can’t wait to see you. So, be sure to arrange for your 2016 appointments right away!

If you are already entrusted to our care, you know that, at the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, our mission is to make dental solutions as easy and pain-free as we possibly can for the people living around Silicon Valley. We like to brag that our staff is as just about as gentle as the Redwoods and streams that surround our facility.

Still, you may have an aversion to seeing ANY dentist. And it only gets worse if it has been awhile since you’ve had an oral exam or cleaning. Still, you are not alone. This condition is actually quite common and it even has a clinical name: dental anxiety.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, it can get in the way of you seeking the treatment you need, and over time that be a problem as far as your health goes.

That said, it isn’t a condition that can’t be tackled with sedation dentistry.

Fighting Fear At The Office Of Dr. Ghina Morad

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. The way in which we address your fears all depends on the severity of your individual situation. In any event, we are confident that we can provide you with the right level of sedation to help put you at ease enough to get the all the dental care you require.

Our relaxation methods include:

Nitrous Oxide

No two cases of dental anxiety/dental phobia are ever alike. If your dental anxiety is less severe, you’re probably able to call our dental office and make an appointment when you’re due for a visit. That is an important first step.

However, once you’re getting ready to actually come here, your anxiety might kick in.

In all likelihood, you’ll have to force yourself to drive here and present yourself at our front desk.

If this sounds familiar, we can help put you at ease with the help of nitrous oxide.

For this method, we will administer the (laughing) gas to you via a mask that rests over your nose. You will breathe normally throughout your procedure, and our team can adjust the amount of sedation you receive as necessary..

Don’t worry, it is probably just what you need!

Oral Sedation

It goes without saying that, if you suffer from a higher range of dental anxiety, you are at a greater risk of having oral health issues.

You probably won’t make arrangements to go to the dentist’s office unless something is causing you so much pain that there just isn’t any other way out of the situation. Even then, you might not follow through and show up. This can create real problems for you over time.

The good news is that, even with this level of dental anxiety, we can help you relax by supplying you with oral sedation. Oral sedation is a prescription-strength sedative that our team will arrange for you to take, usually about an hour before your actual procedure is scheduled to take place.

Fair warning: the oral sedation method is much more powerful than laughing gas, and is sure to put you at ease for the duration of your visit. With any luck, you won’t even remember anything about your procedure.

Reclaim Your Oral Health Today!

We hope you will be inspired by today’s blog post to take action. Contact our San Carlos, CA dental office to schedule your sedation dentistry appointment, and reclaim your oral health!

You’ll be glad that you did!