We don’t think it should be hard to choose a dentist. At the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, we think you’ll love what we have to offer, how you’re treated, and the amazing capabilities of our highly trained team.

A Quality Patient Experience

Have you ever been to a doctor or dentist that felt too clinical? At our office, you’ll feel right at home. We’re nestled in the heart of a redwood forest near a gently winding brook, and our rooms feature a floor-to-ceiling view of our beautiful surroundings.

If you need a distraction while we work on your teeth, we offer video glasses so you can privately watch your favorite DVD or TV shows. It can be hard to keep the temperature just right, so we also offer blankets to keep you warm, and if the dental chair is uncomfortable, we’ll be glad to get you a pillow. We also offer sedation through gas and pills that will help ease your anxiety and make your treatment as relaxing as possible.

We always have snacks, coffee, and water available—plus iPad minis for your children. We take pride in going the extra mile for our patients’ comfort and peace of mind.

Exceptional Training and Services

Dental Training

Dr. Ghina Morad is one of the only specialists in the area to offer specialty dentofacial orthodontic treatment. Specializing in treating the whole face instead of just your teeth, dentofacial orthodontics work to perfect your smile by adjusting every bit of your facial bones and muscles that can contribute to a misaligned bite. The same methods can also help Dr. Ghina Morad treat a “gummy smile,” giving you a beautiful, gleaming smile that you’ll love to show off.

We are also able to offer digital smile design, an amazing technology that allows you to work with Dr. Ghina Morad to plot your treatment on a computer. Using 3D modeling technology, we can show you your current teeth and project the outcomes using a variety of treatment methods. Imagine being able to see your results before undergoing years of orthodontic and dental treatments!

Cutting-Edge Technology

Dental Technology

Digital smile design isn’t the only piece of premier dental technology we offer. Dr. Ghina Morad’s commitment to innovation in dentistry has given her a passion for the newest tools in the industry.

  • Digital X-rays: Low radiation means a safer X-ray for you, and digital means faster, clearer results for us. We can get the most accurate picture of your teeth possible using new digital technology.
  • Intraoral cameras: These amazing cameras are specially designed to mimic the human eye, meaning we can get a clear and easy to interpret picture of parts of your mouth that would normally be impossible to see. These help us diagnose problems we wouldn’t be able to detect using mirrors.
  • DIAGNOdent lasers: Using lasers to diagnose cavities means the most accurate tooth decay detection available. DIAGNOdent lasers can see trouble before any other method can—we’ll know the second you’re at the smallest degree of risk.
  • OraVerse: Hate leaving the dentist with a numb face? Now you don’t have to. OraVerse reverse numbing will take away the numbness twice as fast as just waiting.

We also offer appointment scheduling via email, meaning you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to make a call.

Our treatment options, technology, and commitment to a positive patient experience make us a wonderful destination for you and your family’s dental care. If you’re ready for an amazing experience, call us today at 650-592-6396 or contact us using our online form to make an appointment at our dental office in San Carlos, California. We look forward to seeing you soon!