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Even though your tooth enamel is very strong, there are still times when an accident, blow to the face or other oral trauma can damage a tooth. If a tooth is deeply fractured, cracked, or shattered, it could potentially damage the root. If the trauma to the root is extreme, your dentist, Dr. Ghina Morad, might need to perform a root canal.

A root canal in San Carlos, California, is a form of treatment that involves removing the internal structures of the tooth. This usually involves removing the underlying pulp and root.

A rubbery yet firm material known as gutta percha will then be applied to the area to restore the extracted structures. This creates an abutment that Dr. Ghina Morad can use to securely anchor an eventual dental crown.

The crown will need to be created at an off-site dental lab that specializes in dental restorations. When it’s ready, a member of our Ghina Morad, DDS staff will call you to schedule a brief second appointment. Dr. Ghina Morad will then use a strong dental adhesive to cement the crown onto the root canal abutment.

With proper care and cleaning, you should expect the fully restored tooth to serve you for many years to come.

If you’re suffering with fractured, cracked or badly damaged tooth, you should not delay in calling 650-592-6396 to schedule an emergency appointment at Ghina Morad, DDS.