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A Thirst For Health

Welcome back to our California dental blog!

At the practice of Dr. Ghina Morad, DMD, we provide comprehensive dental services to the families of San Carlos, California.

What’s more, our office on San Carlos avenue is located among the beautiful redwoods and streams of Silicon Valley, which makes for a calm and relaxing environment for dentistry.

There’s no doubt that we will quickly put you at ease while you are here but we want you to remain on-guard in between visits.

Cavities and decay are on the rise in this country, after years of decline.

That is not good news.

We know firsthand that this is the sort of pain and expense that can be avoided easily enough with good habits at home, regular trips to the dentist, and a daily dose of fluoride from the public water supply.

The Good Old Days Were Not Healthy

What were you doing in the middle of the last century?

There’s a good chance that you weren’t even around yet, and so you would have missed out on the horrendous state of oral health among the U.S. population.

It was a bit of a crisis, actually.

We take our access to oral health care, education, and fluoride for granted these days.

Which makes it crazy to consider that it wasn’t until mid-way through the 20th century that our government spearheaded the fluoridation of public water sources.

This daring move shifted the tides of history, for the better.

Year after year we measured as cavities and tooth decay in America went down.

These numbers remained quite low until recently when we began to see an alarming reversal.

After a number of studies, we seem to have identified the culprit.


Yep. The recent increase in tooth decay among the U.S. population seems to be directly correlated to the rapid rise in bottled water sales and consumption.

But how can that be?

The Bottle Has Hidden Costs

To be fair, it isn’t the water in the bottles that is causing cavities to make a comeback in this country.

That is to say, bottled water doesn’t do so in a direct, causal kind of way.

Rather, it is a sin of omission, so to speak.

The lack of fluoride in these bottles is the real problem for your oral health, and what allows cavities to take hold.

By contrast, our San Carlos, CA public water supply is full of the fluoride that helps keep your mouth healthy and free of decay.

Plus, it is free of charge and shipped directly to your home daily.

And it doesn’t come with hidden environmental costs, either.

Have you ever stopped to think about where all the plastic goes when people are done with their bottles?

Yeah, that makes for a big pile of plastic, huh?

We aren’t saying that it isn’t alright to have a bottled water when you are out and about.

But if you neglect your faucet, your health will suffer the consequences.

We will be here to provide you with fillings, root canals, extractions, and implants down the road.

But we’d rather you practice prevention instead.

Our friends at the American Dental Association have noted that simply by drinking tap water, everyone in America can benefit from an effective defense against tooth decay whether they are at home, work or school.

How many other countries can say that?

This amazing feat will go down in history as a great public health success story.

Whether or not it has a happy ending is, in part, up to you.

Drink up, but get it from your San Carlos, CA public tap.

We Will Watch Out For You

At the dental office of Dr. Ghina Morad, we want you to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean for years to come by drinking plenty of tap water.

We also want to see you keeping up with your daily hygiene habits, and making regular visits to our office for preventative cleanings and exams.

Contact our San Carlos, CA dental team today to schedule your next appointment!