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Floss to feel good. Floss to feel better. Just floss. Our specialists at Ghina Morad, DMD care a lot about flossing, and we want to explain some essential flossing information so that flossing will really start to matter to you, too.

Flossing will help your smile stay healthy. There are tight places between the teeth where bacteria thrive because of the dense, moist conditions. When they build up, they move into the gums and start burrowing into the teeth. In the gums, they induce progressively worse conditions until your gums have an infection called gingivitis, then possibly turning into a more serious disease called periodontitis.

Periodontitis attacks the roots of your teeth that attach to your jaw, and can completely destroy them, eliminating an anchor so they will fall out. Without treatment, the bacteria that infest the teeth will burrow through the layers of the teeth until they get to a space containing nerves and blood vessels called the pulp cavity. This is painful and may also end with lost teeth.

We aren’t just telling you this to scare you, though. We want you to know that you can fight infections in the gums and teeth by flossing correctly. It is essential to floss daily, and to do it thoroughly. Make sure to floss in between every tooth, to wiggle the floss to clean out debris, and to floss at the gumline.

If you do this along with brushing your teeth twice a day, you should be able to maintain healthy teeth. Occasionally, though, bacteria can build up even with proper care. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Ghina Morad, can capably fight any infection or infestation, so make sure to come into our office twice a year for a check up.

All of us at Ghina Morad, DMD know that your smile matters, which is why we highly recommend you create a daily flossing habit. If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, call our practice in San Carlos, California, at (650)592-6396.