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Do you feel self-conscious about excessive gum tissue appearing above your braces when you smile? If your gummy smile is caused by an extra-long upper jaw, you may believe that the only way to fix it would be through surgery. There is another solution. Dr. Ghina Morad and her staff in San Carlos, CA are trained in a groundbreaking new orthodontic procedure. The key to this procedure? TADs.

Historically, dentistry pioneers have invented many solutions for gummy smiles. These include crown lengthening, lip surgery, Botox, and orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery. While these do tend to correct the problem, they are rather invasive, expensive and often involve a long-term and painful healing process.

TAD stands for “Temporary Anchorage Device”. It is a relatively recent invention. TADs are tiny titanium pins and springs which are hooked on one side to the wires of your braces and on the other side delicately inserted into your gumline with the aid of anesthetic. Over time, TADs can correct the placement of your jaw. It is a relatively painless and simple procedure. After your TADs have been inserted, they require very little maintenance. Once your jaw placement is stable, the devices are removed.

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