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A TMJ disorder can be caused by a multitude of issues. When our TMJs, also known as temporomandibular joints, become damaged, our oral health will suffer. TMJs are responsible for our mouths opening and closing properly, and our chewing habits to operate effectively. Due to the complex nature of the ball and socket joints and the vast operation in tandem with muscles, ligaments, and bones necessary for their mechanisms to work, they can easily become damaged causing a TMJ disorder.

Listed below are a few guidelines and treatment techniques for TMJ disorders if you should happen to suffer from one:

– If you feel any pain from a TMJ disorder, heat or ice packs may be of assistance.

– For at-home treatment methods for TMJ disorders, mental relaxation methods such as meditation and biofeedback can be used to lessen jaw tension.

– Some foods and habits can make TMJ disorders worse, such as chewy or hard foods, chewing gum, and biting your nails.

– If you have bruxism, a bite plate or night guard can also help alleviate damage to your TMJs.

See our dentist at Ghina Morad, DMD if you experience any of these signs of a TMJ disorder that require treatment: clicking or popping sounds in your jaw, pain when opening or closing your mouth including when yawning or chewing, pain in or around your ears, tender jaw muscles, a limited range of jaw motion, or minor headaches.

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