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Do you want to keep your teeth shining brightly for many years to come? Although many people take precautions against tooth decay and gum disease by brushing and flossing on a daily basis, they often forget to exercise the same amount of care for physical threats that can easily lead to oral accidents or injuries.

Keep your smile safe from everyday risks that could damage your teeth and gums. Here are some dangers to watch out for:

– Tongue piercings may seem fashionable and cool for many but a single wrong move could spell calamity for your lips, teeth, and gums. Metal pieces can break loose and become choking risks or chip and crack your teeth.
– If you play any sports or practice any extreme stunts, always make sure to safety gear including mouth guards or facemasks. A single blow to the head can easily bash out multiple teeth or fracture your jaw.
– Biting on your nails could potentially chip or crack your teeth, not to mention the added risk of introducing bad bacteria and germs to your mouth.
– Bruxism, which is a condition where you unknowingly grind your teeth, can slowly wear down your teeth over time. Our office can offer treatment plans for bruxism.
– Never attempt to open stuff with your teeth. This is an easy way to give yourself an oral injury and break or destroy a few teeth.

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