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mg_6246-1Treating Gum Disease In San Carlos, California

Hello and welcome to another December edition of the Dr. Ghina Morad dental blog! We are your trusted source for dentistry solutions in San Carlos, California. Our mission is to keep your mouth clean, and free of disease, so that your smile can look amazing all through life.

Today, we wanted to talk about a major threat to your smile’s health and appearance: gum disease.

What is gum disease?

It is an infection that starts when the bacteria found in plaque causes a condition called gingivitis, which is marked by an inflammation of the gums.

What we call gingivitis is actually an early (and milder) stage of gum disease.

Our team can usually spot it during your regular checkups and it can be reversed by professional treatment and reinstating good hygiene practices at home.

Gingivitis, while never a good thing, is not too big of a big deal if it is addressed early. If it isn’t, however, then things can get progressively worse for you.

How so? Well, your gums will swell. They will cause pain. And they will produce blood.

If these signs are there, you will already have transitioned into periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease.

Periodontal disease targets your gums and the bone that supports your teeth.

In actuality, it does not go after the teeth themselves, but periodontal disease will strike at these structures that support your teeth. As such, it won’t matter that your teeth themselves are not damaged, because without proper support, they will start falling out anyway.

This will not be fun.

Your Entire Body Is At Risk

Did you know that once gum disease gets loose in your bloodstream, your entire body can suffer the consequences? True story!

Studies have shown that the bacteria in gum disease is also linked with life threatening health issues such as respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer!

Crazy stuff, right?

Dr. Ghina Morad Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

Luckily, none of those bad things have to be a part of your fate.

If you brush your teeth and floss every day, you can keep most of the bacteria and plaque from gaining a stronghold in your mouth. Good oral hygiene is the first part of preventing gum disease.

The other component of prevention is regularly visiting the dental office of Dr. Ghina Morad for professional cleanings and oral examinations. We want to see you every 3-6 months. This will allow us to eradicate any remaining plaque and bacteria that your home hygiene practices have not addressed adequately.

Plus, when you are onsite, we will be able to detect and treat any early signs of gingivitis before you ever have to deal with periodontal disease.

All of these wonderful habits (being diligent at home and coming to see us often) will significantly lower your risk of gum disease and tooth loss, and will help maintain your general health and happiness.

Still, if you do have gum disease already, or develop it at some future time, we can also help with treatment to get you back on track in terms of oral health.

Deep Cleaning With Root Planing And Scaling

The growth of gum disease is primarily due to plaque bacteria that becomes trapped below the gum line. In order to clean the pockets that can be created by the bacteria and prevent them from coming back, a process called root planing and scaling is used.

After numbing the area, we will use a small tool that gets below the gums to clean out the infected area. Once the plaque has been removed, we will help speed healing and prevent additional infection using an antibacterial gel.

Perio Protect

We also use another method to help clean and heal infected gums – Perio Protect. These custom trays help move a chemical compound into the pockets created by plaque, cleaning them and aiding in the healing process. Even better, you just need to wear your Perio Protect trays for a few minutes each day!

In severe cases, We can use cosmetic treatments after healing to restore gum appearance and reverse receded gums.

Take The Next Step!

If you are showing any of the symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease, don’t delay your treatment! Call our office at (650)592-6396 or make an appointment using our online form.

We will help restore your health!