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Tooth-Colored Fillings For Cavities

Welcome back to another edition of our oral health blog!

Here in San Carlos, California, the dental team in the office of Dr. Ghina Morad strives to support the families of our community by providing comprehensive and convenient dentistry services in a facility that is nestled among the redwoods and streams of Silicon valley.

We make it our mission to help our patients maintain beautiful faces and radiant smiles.

Coming to see us every 3-6 months for professional teeth cleanings and dental exams will help keep your mouth healthy and free of disease and decay.

That said, cavities appear to be on the rise again in California (and throughout the U.S.).

It is not the end of the world if one should pop up in your mouth. But it is always better to be able to catch the decay in its early stages, which should happen if you are diligent about your checkups in our San Carlos, CA dental office.

Cavities Don’t Stand A Chance In San Carlos, CA

Many of our patients are curious about how you can get cavities at all if you are keeping up with your oral hygiene practices at home.

Not getting enough tap water (and all the fluoride it contains) can be part of the problem.

Enjoying foods and beverages that contain some type of sugar is another issue. And anymore, it is harder and harder to avoid these substances.

Remember, sugar doesn’t actually cause cavities.

However, sugar is what feeds the bacteria that does cause tooth decay.

Regardless of how it gets there, the process unfolds the same way. As decay begins to take hold of your tooth, a small hole will develop. This is the start of a cavity.

You may notice bad breath and an increased sensitivity to hot and cold.

The good news is that your cavity can be easily attended to at this point, if it is noticed by an oral health professional.

But you can bet that the hole will not go away on its own.

Instead, it will continue to grow and eat away at your tooth. If treatment is not sought early enough you might be dealing with a root canal scenario. Even worse, you might require an extraction followed by an artificial tooth replacement surgery.

Fillings Can Do The Trick

Dental fillings are employed to protect teeth that have been damaged due to decay. Allowing our San Carlos, CA dental team to treat your decay with fillings can help prevent the situation from escalating into a bigger problem.

Many of our patients remember the old style of fillings that were a staple of dentistry for decades.

They are ugly and grey and very noticeable whenever you open your mouth.

They also contain mercury.

Nobody is excited about that sort of remedy, which is why, at the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, DMD, we are able to offer you a safe, effective, natural-looking alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

We now have composite dental fillings.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Composite is made from a mix of plastics and glass.

As such, these fillings can be matched to the unique color of your teeth.

You will be happy to know that once a composite filling is placed, it is just as effective as an amalgam filling, lasts just as long, and doesn’t have the unsightly appearance of traditional metal fillings.

Dr. Ghina Morad Makes It Easy

In our San Carlos, CA dental office, we make treating cavities a fast and comfortable experience. If you have any dental anxiety, we have several sedation options available to help put you at ease while we restore your tooth.

For the procedure, we will begin by numbing the area near the tooth in question.

We will then clean out the decayed portion of your tooth and prepare the area to receive a filling.

Your tooth will be filled with composite resin as we shine a specialized ultraviolet light over the area to harden the resin.

Then, you will be good to go!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

If you suspect that you might be dealing with a cavity, don’t put off treatment, contact us to make an appointment today.

Our San Carlos, CA dental team is here to help get you back on track.