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Straighten Out Your Smile With Clear Braces

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In our scenic setting we provide pediatric care, TMD/TMJ relief, teeth whitening, mouthguards, gum disease treatment, crowns, bridges, fillings, regular exams, cleanings, and just about every other dental solution imaginable.

Our goal is to keep your mouth and your body on the right track in terms of health. But we also want you to have a smile that looks great and in turn makes you feel good about yourself.

How are you feeling now?

Do you have any concerns about the state of affairs in your mouth?

Is there anything you would change about the appearance of your smile if you could?

Would you be open to an orthodontic treatment if we told you that we could solve your problems without any metal wires or brackets?

Invisible Braces In San Carlos

We actually have a method for correcting gapped, crowded, and crooked teeth using nearly invisible clear plastic aligners.

It’s called Invisalign.

The entire treatment time is usually only a matter of months (11 or so), and the results are typically stunning.

What If I’m Too Old For Braces?

Regardless of age, the health and appearance of your smile is always worth improving, and, these days, there are plenty of adults who wear some form of braces to reconfigure the lineup in their mouth.

Plus, things aren’t like they used to be in the field of orthodontics.

Prior to the emergence of Invisalign, the realignment of teeth could take 2-3 years, especially with adult smiles that have firmly settled into position.

During that time you would have been forced to endure questions and comments about all the metal in your mouth. The hardware would have been uncomfortable and it would have had to stay in there for the duration and get tweaked all the time during your monthly in-office adjustments.

Oh, and it would have entailed a cache of special tools for cleaning and such. Plus, you wouldn’t have been able to eat all the foods that you love.

The good old days of dentistry weren’t always so great for the patient, even if these conventional methods worked well enough to get the job done.

Invisalign Makes Orthodontics Look Easy

Now that we’ve told you all about how awful it could have been for you to fix your smile as an adult back in the day, let’s talk about how things are better now.

Invisalign really is a forward-looking method that eliminated most of the things that patients hated about orthodontic treatment.

This system works by employing a series of clear, plastic aligners that are based on molds of your mouth and our projections for desired movement. They aren’t made of obvious metal, in fact, they can barely be seen at all. There won’t be any gawking or commentary from your colleagues while you are improving your smile.

What’s more, the aligners fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth.

Instead of monthly office visits, you simply switch out your aligners at home every two weeks to keep the plan moving forward.

And they are designed to be removable!

Have a big meal planned?

Just take them out.

Family photo time?

Set your aligners aside.

Need to clean them?

Just rinse them under warm water and reinsert them.

That’s right, no tools needed!

It really couldn’t be any easier to get a better smile. If you start right away, by next holiday season, you’ll have a magical new look.

The Smile You Want Awaits

We hope this information will inspire you to take the next step.

Invisalign is fast, effective, and discreet. And the results are stunning.

Contact our San Carlos, CA dental office today to schedule your Invisalign consultation with Dr. Ghina Morad.