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You take your son to the optometrist to make sure he doesn’t need glasses. An important task, to be sure.

But something could be affecting the health of you and your family that you simply can’t see.

Did you know that the doctors recommend that you visit a dentist for a routine Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exam every six months? There’s a reason for that; a Dental Exam could potentially save your life.

Your oral health can be indicator of your overall health. During a routine visit, you will be screened for both Gum Disease and Oral Cancer. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at Gum Disease and Oral Cancer and explain how regular visits to the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, DMD, in San Carlos, CA, can keep you healthy.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum Disease is caused by bacteria in your mouth. Regular brushing is successful in removing some, but not all, of this bacteria. Over time, this bacteria forms plaque and tartar on your teeth.

Plaque and tartar can cause your gums to become swollen and bleed easily. This can cause damage to the soft tissue in your mouth, and even lead to your teeth falling out. A correlation has also been shown between Gum Disease and an increased risk of heart disease, difficulty in controlling blood sugar, and low birth-weight babies.

Many people do not know they are suffering from Gum Disease until the disease has progressed to the point where teeth are lost. Regular dental visits help remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, leaving you less susceptible to gum disease.

In addition, if you are already suffering from Gum Disease, we can provide a course of treatment for you. If detected early enough, we can generally keep you from losing any teeth. But we can’t detect this unless you come into the office!

You may already be suffering from Gum Disease if you have persistent bad breath, if you have swollen gums, if your gums bleed easily, if it hurts to chew, if your teeth feel loose or sensitive, or your gums appear to be receding. If you have any of these symptoms, you should schedule a visit to the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, DMD, in San Carlos, CA, right away.

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral Cancer is a cancer that can develop in any part of your mouth. The Mayo Clinic reports that there are hundreds of thousands of new Oral Cancer cases every year in the United States. In fact a woman is more likely to develop Oral Cancer than she is cervical cancer.

Oral Cancer may appear as red or white patches on your gums or the soft tissue in your mouth. Frequent mouth sores that don’t heal can also be an indicator of Oral Cancer. Other symptoms include difficulty swallowing, pain or even numbness in your mouth, or a change in voice. Many symptoms of Oral Cancer are not noticeable without a Dental Examination.

People aged 18 to 39 have an increased risk of Oral Cancer. This risk increases steadily over time, with people over 40 having the highest risk of Oral Cancer. Studies have also shown that when women are undergoing changes to their menstrual cycles, they are more likely to develop Oral Cancer. Smokers and other tobacco users are more prone to Oral Cancer, as are heavy drinkers drinkers of alcohol, and people who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Even if you do not engage in these activities, you are still at risk for Oral Cancer. Medical research has shown that as many as one in four sufferers of Oral Cancer did not smoke, abuse alcohol, or frequently spend time outdoors in the sun.

Oral Cancer can progress to the point where chemotherapy or removal of part of your jaw can become necessary. Oral Cancer can also be fatal. Regular visits to the dentist’s office can help detect Oral Cancer in its early stages, something which could potentially save your life.

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Family Dentistry is just that, a family affair. It’s of vital importance that everyone in your family makes regular visits to the dentist’s office, and not just to keep your smile shining bright. Gum Disease and Oral Cancer can be very real threats to the health of you and your family.

Your health is important to us. We ant your smile to look great, both inside and out. Click here to schedule an appointment at the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, DMD, in San Carlos, CA.