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mg_6247Make It A Brighter Year With Teeth Whitening In San Carlos, CA

Welcome to another January edition of the Dr. Ghina Morad dental blog!

With the new year, many folks are looking to implement positive changes in their lives, and improvements to their appearance. Maybe you can relate? You’ve probably begun to notice that, with every passing year, time takes its toll on your teeth. All that chocolate, red wine, and coffee, will literally leave its mark. Plus darkening, yellowing, and other discoloration can occur with age.

That’s why, as your San Carlos, CA dentist, we are pleased to offer some great teeth whitening options just for you! Why not make 2016, your brightest year yet?

Over-The-Counter Solutions Only Cause Problems

There is no shortage of store-bought DIY whitening kits to be found. Each one promises you a Hollywood smile for an affordable price.

The problem is that most of these won’t ever work effectively because they can’t address your specific situation, and they come equipped with whitening trays that don’t ever fit your unique mouth. Plus, they leave you to be in charge of the procedure!

It’s no wonder that these DIY solutions are disappointing. If you ever had the whitening gel spillover onto your gums, you’ll see how dangerous these kits can be, too!

Your smile is too important to waste your time on OTC solutions! Especially when we can do it better!

Dr. Ghina Morad Has Great Whitening Options

We know that discolored teeth can make you feel self-conscious or even embarrassed. So, you’ll want to act fast. If you want to see results and you want the process to be administered safely, then you ought to pay us a visit for your whitening treatments.

We have a some options that are guaranteed to make you smile!

In-Office ZOOM! Whitening

We can’t say enough good things about this whitening solution! ZOOM! is an extremely effective whitening system that is delivered on-site. For this, we utilize a teeth whitening gel that is activated using a special light.

After three 15-minute sessions (that take place over the course of one visit), you’ll be able to leave our office with a radiant new smile that is much whiter and brighter.

Your friends will be amazed, and you will too!

Office-Guided Whitening At-Home

From an impression of your teeth, we are able to create whitening trays that fit your mouth perfectly and maximize the spreading of our professional-grade whitening gel.

You will see stunning results within a week of wearing these trays for two or so hours each day. The nice thing is that this can be completed in the comfort of your own home and around your schedule, under our direction of course.

This works great for busy adults in San Carlos, CA!

Internal Bleaching

Not everyone’s situation is the same. And usually life is to blame! If your teeth are grey or discolored as the result of a root canal or some sort of trauma, we have a special technique for dealing with that.

For the initial step, bleaching material will be applied to the inside of your tooth. Then we will apply a special composite to protect the surface so that your tooth remains nice and white.

That’s all there is to it! Sounds perfect, right? So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Brighten Your Outlook Today!

Don’t be embarrassed by your yellow teeth! Whatever your stain situation may be, there’s no need to wait to get a brighter smile! Here at Dr. Morad’s office, we can help you restore whiteness to your dark, yellow, or stained teeth today!

Contact our San Carlos, CA dentist’s office right away to schedule your whitening consultation. We can’t wait to get to work!