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Get Your Teeth Whitened For The Holidays

Welcome back to our San Carlos, California dentistry blog!

At the office of Dr. Ghina Morad, we are a comprehensive family dental practice, situated among the streams and redwoods of this great community.

WIth Thanksgiving so near, it makes us realize how much we have to be thankful for in these parts.

Still, for some of you, the holidays will mean visiting with friends and family, posing for group photos and firing off a few “selfies.”

Are your teeth ready for all that?

It can be embarrassing enough just to show up somewhere with yellow or stained teeth, let alone preserving the memory on film. Not that anybody uses film these days! But you get the idea.

That’s why you San Carlos, CA dentist has some great teeth whitening options just for you and just in time for the holidays.

Time Takes It’s Toll

We have a few questions for you.

Have you been enjoying the fruits of wine country lately? Do you need some coffee to start the day off right? How about a chocolate boost in the afternoon? Are you on any medication? Still trying to quit smoking? Are you getting older with each passing day, month, and year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you won’t have to ask why your teeth have become so dark, yellow, or stained.

It just happens. Still, no one wants to go around looking like that.

Over-The-Counter Kits Are Not The Answer

You know that stained teeth must be a problem when you can buy whitening products in every grocery store, pharmacy, and (probably) gas station in town.

Most of these won’t ever work effectively because they can’t address your specific situation, and they come equipped with whitening trays that don’t ever fit. Oh, and they want you to be in charge of the operation!

It’s no wonder that these DIY solutions spread disappointment.

Your San Carlos Dentist Has Effective Whitening Options

If you want to see results and you want the process to be administered safely, then you need to pay us a visit for your whitening treatments.

We have a some options that are guaranteed to make you smile!

ZOOM! Whitening

ZOOM! is particularly effective whitening system that is delivered on-site. For this, we utilize a teeth whitening gel that is activated using a special light.

After three 15-minute sessions (that take place over the course of one visit), you’ll be able to leave our office with a fresh new smile that is much whiter and brighter.

Dentist-Directed Whitening At-Home

From an impression of your teeth, we are able to create whitening trays that fit your mouth perfectly and maximize the spreading of our professional-grade whitening gel.

You will see stunning results within a week of wearing these trays for two or so hours each day.

The best part is that this can be completed in the comfort of your own home and on your own timetable, under our direction of course.

Internal Bleaching

If your teeth are grey or discolored as the result of a root canal or some sort of trauma, we have a special technique for dealing with that.

First, bleaching material is applied to the inside of your tooth.

Then we will apply a special composite to protect the surface so that your tooth remains nice and white.

Nothing to it!

A Whiter Smile Awaits!

Whatever your discoloration situation may be, there’s no need to wait to get a better smile.

We can help you begin to restore whiteness to your dark, yellow, or stained teeth today!

Contact our San Carlos, CA dentist’s office now to schedule your whitening consultation.