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Discreetly Improve Your Smile

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With autumn comes many opportunities to get out and about. Folks are busy exploring our redwoods and streams, and taking in football games, or getting together with friends.

To be sure, there is a lot to smile about this time of year. Unless, of course, you are less than satisfied with some aspect of your teeth.

When you are embarrassed to smile, it can cause you to hide out and lay low while your friends and colleagues are living life to the fullest. Your confidence will suffer and your social contacts will be frozen in time, while the world moves on without you. At least that’s how it can feel.

But if you are an adult living with crowded, gapped, or crooked teeth, we have some good news for you that can quickly change your outlook on life.

In our San Carlos dental office, we now offer “invisible” braces for our patients who could benefit from orthodontic work, but aren’t up for all that traditional braces would entail.

Aren’t Braces Just For Kids?

Teenagers still comprise the largest population of orthodontic patients in this country.

That said, we tend to think that the health and appearance of your smile is worth improving at any age. What’s more, times have changed when it comes to shifting teeth, and you won’t have to feel like an awkward teen while entrusted to our care.

For most of our grown up patients, we suggest Invisalign.

Before Invisalign came along, the only option for orthodontic treatment would have involved clunky metal brackets and wires being attached to your teeth for 2-3 very noticable years.

These days, nobody has the time or patience for that kind of ordeal, especially busy adults who are active professionally.

If you can relate, Invisalign is worth checking out.

Invisalign Is An Easy Solution

Invisalign is different, and better, in a lot of ways than what has come before. This system works by employing a series of aligners that are based on molds of your mouth and our projections for desired movement. You won’t have to come in for painful adjustments every month because you will be in charge of switching out your aligners at home when the appropriate time comes.

Invisalign aligners are purposefully designed to be discreet. They are made of smooth, clear plastic, which makes them comfortable to wear yet hard for anyone to notice that you are in the midst of orthodontic treatment. So, there will be no unwanted comments or nicknames aimed in your direction while you are wearing them.

The best part is that you can actually remove Invisalign aligners any time you need to. As such, eating is easy, and cleaning your gear is a breeze.

With Invisalign, your treatment process can usually wrap up in about a year, depending on your situation. And when you are through, the results will be stunning.

No more hiding out and laying low!

Get The Straight Smile You Deserve

Invisalign can work wonders for most folks.

Contact our San Carlos, CA dental office today to see if adult orthodontics are the right solution for you.