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Good day, San Carlos! It is good to see you here for this, the latest edition of the dental blog of the office of Ghina Morad, DMD. We use this exciting forum as a way to reach you, the wonderful people of San Carlos, and pass along stories and ideas about how oral health care and modern dentistry are affecting your life, and how they can improve it!

In our last blog, we wrote about the many health benefits of a diet that is high in fiber. Dietary fiber is a key player in a healthy lifestyle and essential for a balanced diet. But in order to eat foods that are high in dietary fiber, like apples and nuts, you need a full set of healthy teeth. High fiber foods typically require a lot of chewing, and there is no way around it, you need healthy teeth to chew.

But where does that leave you if you are already missing some teeth. Or if the teeth you have are hurting because of decay. That is going to make it hard to chew healthy high fiber foods. This does not, however, mean you have to settle for a less healthy diet of softer foods. You can get your chewing strength back with dental implants from Ghina Morad, DMD.

Dental Implants in San Carlos, CA

The most effective form of tooth replacement is the one that most closely simulates a natural tooth, and that is the difference between dental implants and other forms of tooth replacement. Dental implants do more that replace a tooth above the gumline, which is what dentures, crowns, and bridges do. Implants use a titanium screw to replicate the root of your tooth. A process called osseointegration allows your own bone tissue to grow into the titanium surface of the implant screw, in effect, creating a new root that is securely bonded with your jaw bone.

This secure root, upon which a crown will be attached, will allow you to chew any food you choose, without fear of losing your new tooth.

Denture Can Be a Problem

Dentures may be the most well known form of tooth replacement, and they have certainly been around longer than implants. Remember George Washington’s wooden teeth? They were actually made from hippo bone and other materials, but they were dentures, nonetheless. But this does not mean that dentures are the ideal form of tooth replacement.

For one thing, dentures are not attached to your jaw, which means they tend to move around and even fall out when you are talking. While dentures do allow you more freedom to eat healthy foods than you would be able to with missing or rotten teeth, they do not feel and act like natural teeth.

Also, dentures do nothing to support the integrity of your jaw. So, after a few years with dentures, your jaw bone will lose density, which will make you look older, as well as make your dentures more loose.

Dental Implants, however, are anchored directly to your jaw. the synthetic root will aid in bone density, so that you do not age prematurely because of your tooth replacement.

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