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Dental Health Habits For The Whole Family

For quite some time now, at the dental office of Dr. Ghina Morad, we have provided comprehensive dentistry for the good people of San Carlos, California.

In our practice, we love to see families, and by that we mean that all members of families are welcome (our patients range in age from 2 to 92).

We know from experience that our role as your oral health care provider is meant to be relational rather than transactional. The ability to maintain lifelong health and wellness is truly dependent upon a special partnership between families and their dentist.

Still, it is no secret that, regardless of your stage in life, most of the hard work (in regards to good oral hygiene practices) happens at home.

Now that it is August, home life throughout the Golden State is once again shifting from the “Endless Summer” that the Beach Boys celebrate to the reality of the upcoming school year and its more rigid structure.

This can actually be good news for restoring balance and healthy habits to your household.

Make Your Children Smile (Or At Least Laugh)

One thing that will help keep a healthy, happy smile on your family’s faces is if everyone brushes their teeth for two minutes or more and does so twice a day (or more). Anyone in our business will tell you that this is the gold standard for maximizing the effectiveness of brushing.

Brushing your teeth is no laughing matter. However, if two minutes seems like an eternity to your kids, try finding a creative way to pass the time (listening to a silly song, having someone count the seconds, etc.).

We suggest that you at least try to make brushing more fun by making it a family activity. If nothing else, this will underscore the importance of daily brushing for everyone.

Family Flossing Time

Your kids should know from an early age that brushing is unavoidable and important but regular flossing is what makes all the difference in fighting off plaque. Plaque that is left behind between teeth (after brushing) will ultimately cause your teeth to decay. If you don’t floss often as a child, getting cavities and losing teeth later in life is a real possibility.

The good news is that decay is not inevitable. Just make sure you and your family are flossing every time you brush (or at the very least, once a day).

Your kids will likely be more eager to participate if you start them out with a flavored floss and find a way to reward them for their early efforts.

Plan Your Family’s Dentist Visits Out For The Year

Preventative dental exams are key to catching any causes for concern in your mouth. We won’t know what’s going on with you or your children if you don’t let us have a look every once in a while.

Professional dental cleanings are also essential to your family’s oral health routine because these treatment techniques fight tartar, plaque, and decay off in a way that brushing and flossing can not.

We strongly recommend that you plan to come in as a family for two cleanings per year.

Get Started Now

At the dental office of Dr. Ghina Morad, we offer a wide variety of patient amenities, and we’ll do our best to make your family comfortable.

In fact, our welcoming office is nestled among beautiful redwood trees and we like to think that it is the perfect place to relax while we attend to your family’s comprehensive dental needs.

Our staff is standing by to schedule your next appointment or consultation.

Don’t delay, contact us today to hear more about our family dentistry services.

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