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Welcome back to the on going blog from the office of Ghina Morad, DMD. It is very important to us here to keep the wonderful people of San Carlos in the know when it comes to matters of modern dentistry and oral health. In our last blog we wrote about the dangers of drinking diet soda. Just because they don’t contain sugar doesn’t mean diet sodas won’t rot your teeth. There is more than enough acid in diet sodas to do some serious damage to your teeth.

This time we want to focus on something that is good for your teeth, something that you can eat that will not only help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, it will provide health benefits across every major system of your body. That something is dietary fiber.

The health of your teeth and the health of the rest of your body are so intrinsically related that it is often hard to consider one one with bringing up the other. The effects of eat foods high in dietary fiber is a good example of that. Fiber offers a number of health benefits for your whole body, but you have to some strong, healthy teeth in order to chew high fiber foods. So, if you don’t take care of your teeth, then your whole body suffers.

How Dietary Fiber Helps Your Oral Health

Foods that are high in dietary fiber, like fruits and vegetables, typically require a significant amount of chewing. This is a good thing. Chewing your food is one of the healthiest things you can do for teeth, as long as it is healthy food. The physical act of gnashing and grinding all that food builds up a lot of saliva, and saliva is quite a miraculous substance. It cleans your teeth of food particles, while making it hard for sugar and bacteria to stick to teeth. But the most amazing thing about saliva is that it contains antibacterial properties that fight the dental caries that cause tooth decay.

Another important thing about high fiber foods, particularly leafy greens, is that they often contains other important nutrients, like calcium, which your body uses to repair damaged tooth enamel.

These oral health benefits only apply when you actually eat and chew high fiber foods. There are certainly a myriad of fiber supplements available at your local grocery store, but getting your fiber in the form of a pill, a gummy, a shake powder does not give you the health benefit of actually chewing your food. Even worse, many supplement, especially the gummies and powders, contain sugar to make them taste better. So, these are actually bad for your teeth. Instead of preventing tooth decay, they are causing it.

The Other Health Benefits of Dietary Fiber

It is no secret that fiber has long been used to treat digestive ailments like constipation and diarrhea, but the health benefits go way beyond that. A couple of studies from Harvard show that people who have a diet are 40% less likely to have heart disease and high blood pressure. They are also less likely to get the digestive inflammation known as diverticulitis. Dietary fiber has also been successful at treating the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The same study also shows that people who do not eat a lot of dietary fiber are twice as likely to get type 2 diabetes. This is because dietary fiber is very good at regulating your blood sugar, which means it is also very good at preventing obesity.

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Aside from a diet high in fiber, healthy dental care routines are important for maintaining your oral health. This should include regular visits to our office in San Carlos for cleanings and examinations.

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